DIAL 108 to call ambulance anywhere

DIAL 102 to call ambulance for pregnant ladies

National Health Helpline Toll free Number: 1800-180-1104 (NHP Voice Web)

Toll free helpline number 1800-180-5145 for government hospital patients

Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh, is playing a vital role in improving the health status & quality of living of the People of Uttar Pradesh.

With the objective of providing health services in Urban and Remote areas, the department provides medical services in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

For monitoring medical related activities in Bhadohi at District Level Chief Medical Officer(CMO) is responsible for all the works related to this department.

Health Department’ Key Programs-

  • Maternal health program
  • Child health program
  • Regular vaccination program
  • Family planning program
  • Community process program
  • Ambulance service
  • National Urban Health Mission NUHM
  • National program
  • Prime Minister’s Chief Minister Jan Arogya Yojana

Important Plans (In brief)

Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY):– Under this program, Rs. 1400.00 per beneficiary is given for institutional deliveries in rural areas, Rs.1000.00 per beneficiary for institutional deliveries in urban areas, For domestic delivery of women living below poverty line.  Rs. 500.00 is given per beneficiary.

Pradhan Mantri Safe Maternity Campaign:- On the 9th of every month, all pregnant women are provided good quality pre-natal checks and treatment under the supervision of a specialist or MBBS doctor at least once in the second / third trimester of pregnancy.

Pradhan Mantri Matritwa Vandana Yojana:– Each pregnant woman is given Rs. 5000.00 in three installments on the birth of first child. In the above program, 28705 mothers were benefited against the target 34974.

Child health program

Sick Newborn Care Unit, (SNCU): – This program has been operated from 09.02.2021 at Community Health Center Bhadohi with the objective of providing better health facilities to serious newborns.

New Barn Stabilization Unit (NBSU): – This unit has been established in Maharaja Chet Singh District Hospital.

Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC): – This unit has been established in Maharaja Chet Singh District Hospital. Under this, SAM/MAM children are treated. A total of 33 children have been treated under NRC so far.

National Adolescent Health Program (RBSK)

Under this program, adolescent health clinics and community-based adolescents are provided with weekly iron and folic acid and counseling is provided for peer education and menstrual hygiene.

Routine vaccination

According to the National Immunization Microplan, vaccine is given to children, as well as a dose of vitamin-A, to protect against life-threatening diseases in the state. In the rural and urban areas of the district, every Wednesday and Saturday, according to the Microplan, a session is organized.

Family welfare program

Under Family Welfare Program, Family Day is organized on all health units on 21st of every month. In which counseling is provided all facilities related to family planning. 3190 against male sterilization 32, 2901 against female sterilization 4679, 2168 against PPIUC 2693, 3890 progress of IUCD 6334 has been achieved.

Community process

Health and Wellness Center: – Under this scheme, 53 sub-centers are to be built and branded at the district level, on which 49 have been constructed and have been constructed and branded at 17 more primary health centers.

Ambulance service

At present, 18 out of 108 ambulances are available and operational in the district, and a total of 20 ambulances in 102 ambulance service are available and operational. In addition, 03 Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances are operational.

Quality Assurance Program

Under the Quality Assurance Program, district level hospitals, community / primary health centers, which are to be strengthened according to the prescribed standards of the Government of India, so that the medical units can get National Quality Assurance Certification (NQAC), in which district consultants , A hospital manager is appointed at district hospitals.

National Urban Health Mission NUHM

National Urban Health Mission NUHM: – Under this, an urban primarily  health center in the district – New Bazar Bhadohi is established and operational. In which NHM related programs are implemented.

National program

National Mental Health Program- Under this, the OPD in the district is operated in Maharaja Chet Singh District Hospital, Gyanpur in which mental patients are treated.

National Tobacco Control Program-Under this scheme, in the district, IEC and Training Program are held for the control and prevention of tobacco.

Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP)-Under this program, sputum testing of patients who have Fever And Cough for more than 2 weeks And treatment in all health units of the district is done for tuberculosis.

National Anti-blindness Program-Under National Anti-blindness Program, free operation of cataract is available in Maharaja Chet Singh District Hospital, MBS Bhadohi, Suriyawan, Gopiganj in the district. As many as 5561 cataract operations have been performed against 7990.

National Vector Borne Disease Control Program-Under this program, diseases and diseases spread by mosquitoes, malaria, filariasis, dengue, JE and AES and Kala jar disease spread by sand Fly are carried out by all health units.

National Leprosy Eradication Program-Under the said program new leprosy patients are identified and leprosy patients are treated.

PMJAY and MMJAY Yojana

Under this scheme, there is a provision of insurance scheme of 5 lakhs per annum for the treatment of serious diseases to BPL beneficiaries. The number of well-to-do families under Pradhan Mantri  Jan Arogya Yojana is 94967.Under the Mukhaya Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyan, the number of BPL families is 22545 and 134626 beneficiary cards were prepared. The number of empaneled private hospitals is 24, the number of health friends. The number of empaneled state hospitals is 7, the number of health friends. The total number of treatments done in the said scheme is 9364.