Situated in the territory of Uttar Pradesh, Bhadohi is one of the great urban communities in the state known for its rich social legacy that cut an extraordinary specialty in the guide of India tourism. There are many Tourist Places in Bhadohi. The city is likewise known for its carefully assembled and Carpet –weave by the general population. Cover weaving industry in Bhadohi is celebrated and obviously included as the biggest business, South Asia.

There are some famous temples in Bhadohi: Sita Samahit sthal (Sitamarhi), Semradhnath Bhole Shankar Mandir, Baba Harihar Nath (Gyanpur), Baba Doodhnath (Gyanpur), Chakwa Mahaveer, Shiv Mandir (Sundarpur), Ghopaila Devi Mandir (Gyanpur), Shani Dham, Tilngeswarnath, Tilanga Shivjatpur and Bhadrakaali temples, and Baba Gangeshwarnath Dham situated in Itahara Uparwar Village.