Culture & Heritage

The art of painting reached of the country’s carpets. The carpet weaving centers primarily located in the state are around Khamariya and Bhadohi. These carpets are popular export items today. Bhadohi is one of the old carpet centres of the Mughal days. It produces both the traditional as well as the new designs. The designs are of the Old Persian style.

There are 6 major manufacturers of carpet in the international market – Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey. 90 per cent of the exported northeast is from Iran, China, India and Nepal, in which Iran is 30 per cent, India 20 per cent and Nepal’s share is 10 per cent. 95 percent of the carpet export goes to Europe and America.Germany alone imports 40 percent of the carpet. The amazing thing about the construction of Bhadohi carpets is that the raw material of this industry is not created here. Only the availability of skilled labor is the biggest weapon. On the strength of which Bhadohi has made its mark in the world market.