General Election to the Legislative Assembly of 2022 (Uttar Pradesh) Candidates Election Expenditure

S.No. Candidate Name  Statement Submitted
1 Zahid Statement (PDF 5MB)
2 Ravindra Nath Tripathi Statement (PDF 2MB)
3 Vasim Ansari Statement (PDF 4MB)
4 Harishankar(Dada Chauhan) Statement (PDF 4MB)
5 Kaladhar Statement (PDF 4MB)
6 Diyam Singh ‘Gaharwar’ Statement (PDF 5MB)
7 Pankaj Kumar Dwivedi Statement (PDF 4MB)
8 Mahesh Kumar Statement (PDF 4MB)
9 Ravishankar Statement (PDF 4MB)
10 Shweta Kumari Statement (PDF 3MB)
11 Bindu Devi Statement (PDF 3MB)


S.No. Candidate Name  Statement Submitted
1 Upendra Kumar Singh Statement (PDF 3MB)
2 Ram Kishore Bind Statement (PDF 3MB)
3 Suresh Chandra Mishra Statement (PDF 3MB)
4 Dharmraj Statement (PDF 3MB)
5 Ramdhani Statement (PDF 2MB)
6 Vijay Mishra Statement (PDF 3MB)
7 Vipul Dubey Statement (PDF 3MB)
8 Svatantr Kumar Statement (PDF 3MB)
9 Virendra Tripathi URF Dabang Statement (PDF 3MB)


S.No. Candidate Name  Statement Submitted
1 Anjani Statement (PDF 5MB)
2 Kamala Shankar Statement (PDF 2MB)
3 Dinanath Bhaskar Statement (PDF 3MB)
4 Sanjoo Devi Statement (PDF 2MB)
5 Kavita Rai Statement (PDF 5MB)
6 Tedhai Statement (PDF 5MB)
7 Babita Statement (PDF 5MB)